Oliver’s Final Hour

I have every intention of sharing another story tonight.  The last one was surprisingly well-received.  So… thanks.

But first, I have a gift for you.  I know, I know… you probably didn’t get me anything.  And that’s fine.  I didn’t announce that we were going to be sharing presents tonight.  But for future reference, I like sweaters, books, alt-folk music, exotic pets, and I look particularly fetching in the color  blue.


This was the last day of Oliver.  This is a picture of my dear friend on the day he died.  He will be missed.  The reasons for his demise will be elaborated upon at a later date, but (SPOILER ALERT) it involves several trained monkeys, three police officers, a drag queen, and a box of rotten mangoes.

He lasted 225 days, and he was, to the end, a gentleman.  Ladies and Gentleman… for the final time… I give you… Oliver.

He died as he lived... a legend.


But, with the beardly business out of the way, I move back into story hour.

To join me, well, see the next post.  Because Oliver was a Headliner.  He shouldn’t have to share a post with a potentially boring story.






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