Post Beard Life


I have pictures of the final beard product.  I will share them with you.

But not tonight.

I think it’s time that we start the healing process.  Stuff our sorrows in a sack and try to think of life moving forward.  I know that I’ve hurt you, and I’ll have to carry that around with me forever.  But if we are ever going to have a meaningful blog relationship again, it’ll have to start tonight.

With a post that isn’t beard-centric.

I’ve been spending a lot of my time trying to figure out what I want my life to be about.  Everyone has that “thing” which drives them forward.  For some people it might be their wife/husband and children.  For some it could be their career.  Others might be seekers after causes.  Like vegan-ism.  Or politics.  Or an impressive collection of midget pornography.

I have none of those things.  I am a lonely man with no real goals, ambitions, or hobbies to speak of.  For the longest time I’ve filled the gaping voids in my soul with burritos or beards or meaningless speculation about the origin of furry woodland creatures.

But suddenly, those pursuits ring hollow.  I know that I may be waxing a little too philosophically tonight.  You’ll have to bear with me.  The real reason is…


If I don’t have something to get passionate about in my life, how can I be passionate about blogging?  Will my rabid readers be satisfies with listless rants about geese and my morning commute?  Will I be fulfilling the unwritten contract I have with the masses if I am incapable of finding a theme for this site?  I don’t know.  I have some thoughts.

So I open it up to you all:  I know there are still (idiotic) people who see my blog on a daily basis.  I ask you to let me know.  What do you want from me?  I put the direction of this blog into your hands.  If I don’t receive any responses, or if the responses are completely lame, then I will go with one of the ideas in my head.  But first, I throw it to you:  What do you want in this space?

The one thing I can tell you is this:  It won’t be about beards.  I still love beards.  I still love MY beard.  But the beard will be an interesting footnote to this site, not the focus.

Talk to me, world.


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