Half Way

We shall ignore my flagrant lack of posts over the last month.  Instead, we shall dive in to the joy that is being half done.

My quest is 365 days.  Today is Oliver’s 184th day.  Here is a picture.

Oliver is gettin huuge.


This post was just an excuse to show that…

I have some ideas.  Posts may follow.




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6 responses to “Half Way

  1. Wow. Like people say when they see Seamus: “He’s getting so big!”

    • That is a beautiful growth! Stick with it big fella. I can usually only see out to the 7/8 month duration (Summers here in OZ too harsh) Would love to run my fingers thru it. Keep growin!

  2. HiImTerry

    Where are your updates? How is Oliver? You’re 8 months in, are you completely buried under that extraordinary beard?

  3. Ashley Lovebeard

    your beard is my love. please. I need him. if your he needs a scratchin’ shoot me an email.- miri.

  4. PIMP

    Dude… your beard is AWESOME!

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