So last weekend was the Whiskerino Throwdown in Nashville, TN.  It was a deightful gathering of nearly 200 of my bearded brethren to celebrate all things beard.  We bowled, we ate tacos, we drank lots and lots of beer.  It was also a somewhat man-erotic experience.  There was an almost painful amount of beard touching.  There are exclamations of “It’s so big!” and “wow, I wish mine looked like that!”  But once you get past the easy double entendres, you settle in to an amazing weekend. 

It was a TON of cool, creative dudes all enjoying eachother’s company with a common denominator:  nearly four months of beard.  If you haven’t done it yet, seriously, check out  Mackle does such a great job running that site, and we have such an incredible time participating, trust me, there are some awesome pictures to check out.

We rented out a bowling alley (actually rented out a bowling alley… thanks guys…send burney home)  and that was sick.  Unfortunately, we were too late to rent out the WHOLE thing, so two lanes were actually for a six year girl’s birthday party.  Yeah… you should have seen them.  About five little girls and their parent’s looking down the barrel of two hundred beard freaks.  I’m not certain, but I think Oliver may have actually eaten one of the parents. 

Now, some of my peers may claim that I’m making this up:  but I’ll go to my grave believing it either happened, or was a hallucination brought on by a sub-standard bowling alley hamburger.  There was a fight, much like West Side Story, between a group of beard-o’s like myself and a bunch of frat guy lookin’ fellas in the bowling alley parking lot. 

Honestly... I'm the one in the middle.

After we shook off the dust of our fight, we went to Mercy Lounge in Nashville for a delicious taco buffet, more beer, and soft serve icecream (which is AWESOME for hundreds of bearded fella’s).  Also, several bands played, each of which having some connection to Whiskerino.  My personal favorite being Yea Big and Kid Static… (although it was Miguelito and Kid Static that night… both of whom Whiskerino’d).  And one of our growers code named JustJamey did a rap ABOUT whiskerino which was fierce. 

I'm in there somewhere. Most of the Beards at Mercy Lounge. The famous Mackle is front and center.

It was all a sight to see.  Trust me, if you weren’t there… you missed out.  Tomorrow we will review my goose eating experience, which was not tasty but strangely cathartic.  Feels good to be back…



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