The Helmet


  I never wore a helmet as a child.  I mean, when I was playing organized baseball I wore a helmet.  And organized hockey.  Or when I was doing particularly challenging ramp jumps on my rollerblades.  But when I rode a bike or played rollerhockey, or perfored other perfectly hazardous activities like BASE jumping, I never wore a helmet.

It turns out that now I wear a helmet all the time.  I don’t know if I’ve made this clear or not, but I am growing my beard for a year with no shaving, no trimming, and no shaping.  I am similarly allowing my head hair to grow for a year. 

I have recently discovered what people are most fascinated about, regarding my beard, and what those “in the know” about beards call THE HELMET.  The Helmet occurs when the head hair attaches to the neck hair.  They call it the Helmst because it allows hair to surround your head just like a helmet.  It becomes on giant unit.

I now have a helmet.  Oliver was a little scared to become conjoined with my, as yet, un-named head hair. 

notice the hair above my collar...


A mere 283 more days of beardage.  Eventually, the hair on my head will be long enough to hide my Helmet.  But until then it is out there for everyone to see.  Including my mother.  And for the record, my mom is exasperatedly accepting of Oliver, but she does NOT like my Helmet.  Go figure.

Always wear a helmet,




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2 responses to “The Helmet

  1. Leigh

    I’m a fan of helmets.

  2. nicole metz

    team mom on this one.

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