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I try to keep the content of this blog pretty uni-sex.  So far as I can tell, my readership tends to be pretty balanced between men and women, and I like it that way.  I don’t want to alienate any portion of my potential audience.  With that in mind, I feel that the sterotypical (possibly inaccurate, but still present) notion of men enjoying sports more than women would make my last post almost entirely geared towards my male readers.  Football analysis *even football analyis as woefully incorrect and incoherent as what I offered* would seem to be a male-biased article.

In an effort to offer some equilibrium to my posts, I have decided to dedicate tonight’s post to shoes. 

Yeah, shoes.

Frankly, if I were a wealthy man, I’d spend WAAAY more money on shoes than I do.  I think footwear says a lot about a person, and I’d like my footwear to say…

“Look at how rich and cool and stylish this guy is!  I’ll bet he’s completely awesome!  I’ll bet his beard smells like vanilla, nutmeg, and hope!”

Or, if my shoes were incapable of saying all of that, I’d at least like them to say that I tink about the items that I walk around in all day. 

I own several pairs of shoes.  I think “several” is an apt descriptive word for my collection.  Two of the men with whom I work are at the opposite ends of the spectrum.  Matt G. claims to own several hundred pairs of shoes, and I believe him.  But almost all of his shoes appear to be sneakers.  I can get behind that.  Sneakers are comfortable and versatile.  But hundreds?  That seems overkill.  Steve F. owns one pair of shoes.  One.  A pair of old white basketball shoes.  He told me that they are about two years old.  And I believe him.  I suppose he doesn’t have to dress up very often.  And he doesn’t climb mountains.  Or do anything that requires another pair of shoes.  But one also seems ridiculous.  A man likes a little variety.

But I own several, and they are a variety.  I need new brown dress shoes, and I lost (I promise I’m sorry about this, for me, and for her) a pair of sandals that my mother brought me home from India.  But otherwise, I have a pretty standard variety.  Some tennis shoes, some boots, some sandals, some dress shoes. 

The entirety of my shoe collection

I played indoor soccer in my youth and found that Adidas Sambas were the most comfortable, versatile, and simple shoes in the world.  I have since bought a new pair every time I’ve worn a pair out. This has added up to probably ten or twelve pairs of Sambas. 

I recently discovered that I like Converse sneakers more than is probably healthy.  In particular, I love my pair of Jack Purcell’s, but I am slowly being won over by the classic All-Star,  They are cheap and cool and provide that fake edge of  “I’m alternative, dang it!”  that I think goes well with a beard. As they have an endless array of colors and syles, I have every intention of buying enough to go with every t-shirt I own.  Which is a lot.

The humble beginnings of my Converse Empire


Anyway.  That was my shoe blog.  That’s really about all I have to say on the matter.  But ladies, I tried.


***^^^*** It occurs to me belatedly that the pictures of me frolicking in the snow with limited clothing might have been considered a post “for the ladies”, but I don’t have a high enough opinion of myself to believe that this is true.  I’m sure the men enjoyed my stupidity FAR more than the women enjoyed my state of undress.


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