2010 Resolutions…

On the New Year’s Eve that preceeded 2009 I made two resolutions, and really they were more like mantras.  They were as follows.

2009 was to be my year of:

1. Fiscal Disipline

2. Physical fitness.

I ended 2009 weighing about five pounds more than I weighed at the beginning of the year.  I ended the year about $1,200 more in debt than I was at the beginning of the year. 

You could see those results as bad.  That, perhaps, gaining weight and losing money was poor follow-through.  I disagree.  I’m more of a glass half-full kinda guy.  I’m an AmeriCAN not an AmeriCAN’T.  I think that had I not made such resolutions I might have gained even MORE weight (have I mentioned my love of eating several burritos in one sitting?)  and lost MORE money (burritos are expensive). 

But this year, this 2010, this will be the Year of Evan!!!  I hearby make the following resolutions:

1.  I will go from weighing 192 lbs to weighing 180 lbs.  It’s just a twelve pound drop, but trust me, it’s an important year.  This year, I turn 28 and I feel that the 200 pound barrier is an important one for me not to cross before I turn 30.  I fear that if I fly by the double century mark I may never see my feet again.  At SOME point my metabolism will revolt against me, saying “Hey man, enough with the burritos and ice cream!  I’m workin’ HARD here and you aren’t even helping!”  And then I would be forced to say, “Sorry metabolism.  I, uhh, well… my bad.”  But I feel that getting down to 180 lbs will insure that I can avoid the 200 mark for at least another two years.  Give me a twenty pound cushion?  I got your back, metabolism.

2.  I will save enough money to buy a G-5 jet airplane.  I figure a G-5 costs, what? $10,000?  No problem.  In this global climate crisis I think it’s important for us all to do our part, and my part will be jetting all over the world quickly and comfortably.  Also, I will look GOOD in a G-5 hopping out at private airports in Vienna, Belfast, Prague, Moscow, Sydney, Buenos Aires, and Vancouver.  So saving just a few dollars a week over the course of the year will lead to style and substance. 

Maybe a G-5 is unrealistic, but I would like to save some money up this year.

3.  I will grow a ROCKING beard. 

That one seems pretty self-explanatory.  And by far the easiset. I just need to wake up every morning and NOT shave.  If anything plays to my strong-suits, it’s giving myself LESS work to do.  And while beard maintenance is intense if you want it to look good, you can slack on that.  So my only real job is to NOT shave every day.  Easy Peezy, Lemon Squeezy.

Some of you might be thinking, “Evan, those are basically the same resolutions you made last year, except this time you are growing a beard!”.  That is a reasonable criticism.  But I say this… even if I gain weight and lose money, I will still have accomplished one of my goals.  And the coolest goal, because I can sell my beard at the end which will help me make money AND lose weight.  So ha.  Don’t judge me.


For the record, when I wake up tomorrow, I will be on day 65, leaving me with a very manageable 300 more days of the Yeard.

**No picture today.  All apologies.  Trying to get a feel for the new camera which was a Christmas present from my folks.  We’ll get it going again tomorrow.



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2 responses to “2010 Resolutions…

  1. Um, Evan, I already declared 2010 the Year of Leigh. I did it last night on our walk. Patrick will attest to it. But I guess I’m willing to share….

  2. I just have to say I love the phrase “Easy Peezy, Lemon Squeezy.”

    And I’m not sure $10,000 is realistic for a jet. Just saying. 12 pounds seems doable, though.

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