Yeard in Review

So this will be my final post of 2009.  I know you’re all very sorry to hear that, but have no fear, I’ll be back with more beardy adventures in 2010.  In fact, 2010 will be the birth of my ridiculous beard.  Right now it is just pretty intense, give it several more months and I believe it could be seen from space like the Great Wall of China.

And while I usually like to look foward rather than back, I am going to take this brief chance to provide a top 10 list of things pertaining to beard in 2009.

10.  Joaquin Phoenix

Dude flipped out and grew a beard... awesome.

9. The mystery of TV handyman Bob Villa taking his beard and disappearing.  Seriously, he’s not even on Sears commercials.  Where did that guy go?  He used to be everywhere, and now he’s in the trunk of Ty Pennington’s car and no one is searching for him.

8.  Finding this website:

7.  Getting my Blog on the official Natalie Portman website where they claimed that our relationship was EITHER me being batshit crazy OR that I’m really funny.  And I say… can’t we have both?

6.  Learning that a native of my hometown (Evansville, Indiana) came in third place in the 2009 WORLD BEARD AND MOUSTACHE CHAMPIONNSHIPS in the natural Goatee category.

Breman is on the right. Representin' for Hoosiers with Beards.

5.  Sting at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremonies rocking a RIDICULOUSLY big beard.  That thing is in danger of growing right into his eyes.  Which would be awesome.  Although, sadly, he is clearly dying it, which is sad.  A beard should be a natural reflection of your masculinity… dying it is like the Louvre deciding to cover up The David with a pink thong.

4.  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad-  Yay for world leader’s with beards.  Even if they are looney tunes kinda crazy despot butcher morons.  I’d like Kim Jong Il better if he had a beard, too.

3.  Whiskerino starting it’s final year.  500+ dudes growing wicked facial salad.  Posting pictures, commenting, encouraging… and this is the last time.  It’s sad and glorious at the same time.  visit which is tbe website Mackle, our fearless leader.  Also check my link to Whiskerino its self.

2.  Zach Galifinakis going from a fringe celebrity to a BIG star thanks to The Hangover and Bored to Death.  He’s completely awesome and his beard rocks my socks off.

What an inspiration to bearded, would-be funnymen everywhere

and the number 1 event to occur in the world of beardliness this year…. maybe I’m biased… but….

1.  THE CREATION OF THIS BLOG!  Oh, snap!  I’ve gone from this:

Sad, unbeardy man on Day 1

to this…

Beardy and less sad on day 60

So it’s been a pretty good year for beards.  Hopefully 2010 will provide even more magical beard moments.  I am 60 days in, with 305 to go, so i’m just about 1/6th of the way done.  Multiply my current beard times six and maybe that’s what my face will look like come Halloween next year.  So, signing off for 2009, I’ll see ya next year, Beardos.



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  1. I’M SO STUPID. Mackle’s website is It has a lot of crazy and interesting content, i highly recommend it.

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