Yeard in Video

So, for Christmas my parents got me (along with several other cool things) a new Netbook.  I am pretty excited about it, and will continue to thank them for some time.  I have been using my rommate’s old Mac which can’t connect to the internet without being plugged in.  Which sucks since I pay for Wi-fi.  Before that I was using a truly ancient HP laptop which had the bizarre characteristic of THINKING that the backlight should stay out unless you managed to keep your arm in EXACTLY the right spot, which made typing difficult (one hand) and gave you a cramp in the arm holding the light on.

So this Netbook is a massive step in the right direction.  It, you know, works and stuff. 

So my grandmother (Hi, Mimi!) has recently gotten in to Skype.  I would love to be able to talk to her like that, so one of the features I’m exploring on this Netbook is the built-in video camera.  As a side bonus of that, I am doing my best to supply a…drumroll… VIDEO on my blog, because, well, pictures just aren’t good enough.  I wouldn’t expect me to do Videos more than once a week, and we’ll see how well it goes this time, but without further ado:

My YouTube video!  A lot of people told me how gross they thought the notion of rubbing lotion into a beard was, so I did my best to disprove the grossness in this video:

I hope that was exhilirating for all of you.  And I apologize for the truly creepy sound of my voice.  I was more than a little embarassed to make the video and was trying not to let my rooommate hear me.  Also, I probably should have scripted this.  That was all impromptu, baby.  I promise my future efforts will be better.  Maybe.




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2 responses to “Yeard in Video

  1. Cole

    I’m not going to lie, this video qualifies you as a creeper. I’m sure your mane is silky and luxurious, though.

  2. Amanda

    You know how if you watch a really scary and disturbing movie afterwords you want to go watch something light and happy. Well that’s kinda how I feel right now. But can’t wait for the next video…go figure!

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