Wii Beards

I know that I am quite the trend-setter.  It’s a ridiculous responsibility.  I feel obliged to only do awesome things.  Fortunately, most of my life revolves around awesome things.  And I am here to tell you that the wave of the future in home gaming entertainment is called a Wii.

I know, you’ve probably never seen one.  I am one of the exclusive few who have had the chance to play on one of these.  It is freaking sweet!  You’ll find this hard to believe, but it actually follows your movements!  

Take my word, it’s tons of fun.  If you want to get in on the Wii revolution, just let me know and I’ll get you hooked up with one.  I know a guy.

I do have one sincere critiscism of the Wii, and that is the Mii.  The Mii is your little character that is supposed to be your character and is supposed to look like you.  My complaints are two-fold:

1.  My Wii fit called my Mii fat.  I mean, I know that I’m not the most trim man alive, but to be fair, I’m 5″10, 190 lbs, that should’t be fat.  And I definitely don’t want to be called fat by my video game console.

2.  The beard options for a Mii are WEAK.  There is nothing on there even remotely close to a respectable Yeard.  My guy was forced to wear a cheesy moustache and a ugly neck beard.  The length is distressingly short, and the cheeks could only have a five o’clock shadow.  Seriously pathetic. 

So my resulting opinion of this stuff is simple:  Wii- AWESOME!  Wii Mii- Pathetically un-beardy.

This one actually WAS short.  You’re welcome world.  More pictures and such tomorrow.  My holiday time has pretty much come to an end so I’ll be back on a normal schedule of stuff.  Later kids.





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2 responses to “Wii Beards

  1. Bif

    I too was called fat. Not only that, but was skinny, until I did the assessment. Then it made me fat. it also said I was on the high range of obese and 41. IT also was asking Adam what he thought of my posture and then made a smart ass comment to his response. Damn you Wii, Damn you!!

  2. Alan48

    Lol, I bought my Wii almost four years ago, it isn’t anything new.

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