Christmas Beard

It’s a long standing tradtiition in western culture to associate beards with Christmas.  A veritable who’s who of Christmas personalities all wore beards:

Without a beard, I'm just a fat guy in weird red clothes.

Santa, of course, tops the list.  Father freakin’ Christmas?  Wore a beard for goodness sake.  Does he ever complain about getting cookie crumbs in there?  No.  You know why?  Because he’s all man.

They say it's my birthday!

Ohh snap!  He may not have had a beard on Christmas number one, but the Reason for the Season went on to grow one of the most legendary beards of all time.  It’s more Christmas’y than ZZ Top under the misteltoe.

A triple threat of beards and gifts!

The three wise men ALL had beards.  In fact, I challenge you:  Go look at a nativity scene and try to find an adult male WITHOUT a beard.  Impossible.  Frankincense, Gold, Myrrh, and follicle excellence is what these boys brought to the party.  Not the three stupid men, three WISE men.  For wearing beards.

Try prospectin' without a beard...

Childhood classic Yukon Cornelious wore a beard.  In fact, I submit that his beard may be the most impressive of the bunch.  Check out that ‘stache!  He doesn’t stand alone… The Grinch went fake beard OVER his green beard.  The elf boss in Rudolph had a wicked little goattee.  Tim Allen could grow a beard OVERNIGHT in the Santa Clause.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg… (nod of the cap to Yukon for my Iceberg pun)

And finally…

You're a wizard, Hairy...

Ok, so Harry Potter only has a very tenuous relationship to Christmas, but I found this picture and it was awesome (future post…every major wizard in history/literature wore a beard.  Gandalf, Merlin, Dumbledore, Rasputin, Joaquin Phoenix)

Hopefully this has brightened your Christmas week.  As a fun challenge to my rabid readers, I would love it if you would:




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One response to “Christmas Beard

  1. rachael

    Good King Wenceslas: definitely had a beard.

    The Yule Goat: All goats have beards, I can only assume his would be bigger and badder than a standard goat beard.

    Krampus: The anti-santa. It’s hard to tell from depictions whether or not he has a beard or is just a really hair dude.

    Knecht Ruprecht: A companion of Santa’s in German tradition. Definitely rocked a crazy beard.

    Alright, that’s my contribution. I’ll let others scour wikipedia for more obscure yuletide beards.

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