Beard Fame

As a special treat:   A non-whiskerino picture…  I think we’ll be able to do pictures on here now.  I’m sure to receive the thanks of a grateful nation.

I realized when I started this whole “yeard” thing that I probably wasn’t about to become world famous for growing a beard.  I’m not delusional about anything except for the quality of singing voice (thanks to my mom who claims I sing like a bird).  I’m not expecting to become a household name.  I’m not planning my stadium tour, sold out with fans who just want a look at my beard.  Maybe try to touch it like I’m a Jonas Brother.

But tonight I watched a movie called “Julie & Julia” and it changed my mind.  Look out stardom, the Yeard Blog is coming.  The movie was based on a book which was based on a blog.  A movie and a book!  For writing a blog!  It all seemed to just sort of fall into place for our young heroine (played be Amy Adams…. really hot.  who will play me in the movie adaptation of my Yeard?  Sean Connery?  Carrot Top?).  She starts her blog and a few weeks later she is surprised to find that she has a rabid following of on-line fans.  That should be me!  Except that I don’t cook.

It turns out that it’s much more difficult to create a huge fan base for your blog than a movie would have you believe.  Shocking, because usually if it’s in a movie I’ve found that it has to be true.  Obviously you, reader, are currently reading my blog.  And chances are that I wheedled you into doing so.  Did I e-mail you?  Dazzle you with Facebook?  Sucker you in from Whiskerino?  Am I currently holding you ransom in a closet in my apartment, only allowing you out for short bathroom breaks and a quick perusal of my blog?  No matter how I got you here, it seems unlikely that you found me by random.  It doesn’t make me appreciate you any less.

And yet, despite the lack of movie-script perfection, I’m enjoying my blog nearly as much as I’m enjoying my beard.  Which, by the way, is growing by the minute.  I’m pretty sure it speeds up dramatically whilst I write my posts.

So, while I wait for giant book deals, awesome movie adaptations, and likely invitations to swanky parties with awesome, rich, beard-appreciating celebrities, I will continue to hook you up nightly with my bearded ramblings.  If you have half as much fun reading this as I have writing it:  well then I’ve had twice as much fun as you.  So ha.


Big thanks to all who supplied suggestions on my talent show.  I’ve not made up my mind yet, but i’ll let ya know.  But for the record chris, yo-yo is out.  I have a history of suffering mild, yet persistent, injuries while trying to yo-yo.

*and my sister came up with another “virgin” thing.  Daiquiries or other non-alcoholic beverages.


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One response to “Beard Fame

  1. aubrey

    When u do become famous remember us little folks.I’ll camp out in line and beat the masses to enjoy the show. I even allow Zachary @ the age of seven to read with me. Unfortunately he threw up right afer reading, don’t be alarmed though. He was alredy sick and had nothing to do with your writing talents.

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