Chipotle + bacon = awesome. And a picture.

I have a deep and abiding love of Chipotle. Really I love any and all “build your own burrito” places, but Chipotle is the most easily accessible for me. It’s meat and cheese and rice in a tortilla. What’s not to love? I eat two burritos every time I go there. Maybe that seems excessive, but after thorough research I’ve determined that eating multiple burritos has a positive impact on beard burliness. In fact, I’m thinking of putting together a graph to help illustrate this fact. Or a pie chart, because I love pie.

My love of not-quite fastfood burritos is a lasting one, and barring serious health code violations, I can’t imagine that I’ll abandon them. But I want to take this opportunity to make a suggestion that would increase my burrito intake from about six burritos a month to damn near twenty burritos a month: Chipotle, Qdoba, Burrito Joe’s… anyone… heed me: ADD BACON TO YOUR LIST OF OPTIONAL INGREDIENTS. Seriously. Do you realize how glorious that would be? The only thing that could improve meat, dairy, and rice in a flour tortilla would be MORE CRISPY meat. Your stock prices will soar. Your business will expand exponentially. It’s a veritable gold mine. You could even charge extra for it like the guacamole… people will pay outrageously exorbitant prices for bacon, I promise. Plus, it would mean that I could stop carrying around this baggy full of bacon in my pocket. Animals are starting to follow the scent.

The link to whiskerino is on this page and I strongly encourage you all to use it, thereby allowing yourelves to see not just MY pictures on a daily basis, but also the 500 plus other fellas who post pictures. But I am going to add my post from today in this blog. Because I like it. It turns out that if you hold your thumb over the flash on my camera, it makes the picture turn out red. I enjoy that effect. From here on out though I will post pictures on here that do NOT go on my whiskerino page, allowing you to see what my life outside of whiskerino looks like. these are likely to include my family, friends, and roommate. They will not be everyday, but I will work dilligently to make at least one of them visible for you each week.

ps- i don’t really know if attaching this picture worked or not. We’ll learn together. if nothing else, there should be a picture ATTACHED to the post… if it didn’t work I promise that I will speak to smarter computer people who will help me get the picture IN the post.

In case my devious (really more dubious) plan didn’t work… you can definitely check it out at



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