One Month In

Having officially completed the first month of my Yeard, I have a few observations to share:

1.  One month of beard growth (even, blush as I say it, impressive beard growth) is not that impressive.  I wear a beard most of the time, so my friends and co-workers were more interested in clean-shaved Evan than they are in early beard Evan.

2.  The itchiest day of beard growth is day five.  Five days of growth is the exact point when you no longer have stubble and you don’t yet have a beard.  And it itches like fire.  Especially on your neck.

3.  I am a little more than 8% of the way through this experiment, and I am going to need a handkerchief.  The idea of carrying around a piece of fabric with snot in it is particularly unappealing, so I will not be blowing my nose into it.  But I will need something to be constantly checking for beard debris.  Sleeves just won’t cut it.

4.  My bosses check my face every day.  I don’t think that they are jazzed to be having a freakishly large beard in their office, and so each day I can feel them checking it, watching it, waiting for the beard to erupt from my face as though it might try to make a leveraged buy-out of the company.  (my beard has pulled this trick in the past, they are right to be worried.  For simple facial hair, it has a bizarrely strong grasp of corporate politics)

5.  Thanksgiving food is delicious and has a positive impact on robust beard growth.

Back to it!


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